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Bonjour, or should i say Hi.

I can’t believe it. I am blogging, in English.

When i first got here, pretty much, i could just say “Hi” and “Thank you”. That was three years ago. So now, i have surprised myself blogging, in English. Excuse-me! Well! What happened, from then to now? I don’t know. But i will go and try to tell you a little story about my first day in Washington, DC.

When i first got here, it was weird because everything, but absolutely everything was in English. At the airport, you had to choose your line to do “your check-in” with the immigration. there were, not only one line. Oh no, it would have been so easy. I was lucky, my friend i was with lived here for many years before to return back to her country, like many others do. So she hooked me up. I like that by the way (hook me up). Actually, i was smart enough to follow her. I was not really sure that i had to follow her, to tell the truth. Specially, because there were no difference between the two lines (i mean, except the signs. But hey, what signs are we talking about? I didn’t want to look too hard so people won’t understand that i was fresh here). So i followed her, not understanding “why the heck” ( i like that too. Because in America, they know how to avoid cursing or blaspheming . For example, when i heard people saying “Oh my gosh”, me and my little english were getting “Ooooh my Goooood.”); so why the heck did she choose this line where at the other line? And there, at that line, were Black and white. not just white. I would have guessed then…). I then guessed that she must be friend with the police officer so we can quickly get in the states without any problem. Oh my bad, i should say the immigration officer. I then guessed that after many many years here in the states she must know everybody. All the police officers, their chief, the taxi drivers, etc. I didn’t realize that here in America it doesn’t work like that. I didn’t realize that they changed. That there is no friendship with these guys so you can brake the line and walk your way with a special treatment. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo. Nope. Nope. Nope. Not here. While i was thinking, escaping and  supposing this and that: “NEXT IN THE LINE”.

Uhhhhhh. We made it. He will just smile, joke and laugh with us. I know… But, instead, he asked me to “PULL BACK” in the line until he is done with her. Whattttttt? Is he sending me home? Right now? Come on. Let me at least see the airport before you send me back home. I was in deep thinking regretting my decision to come here. When i kindly asked “qu’est-ce qu’il a dit?” (What did he say?). “De reculer, de te mettre avant la ligne jaune et d’attendre ton tour ” ( to go back to the yellow line until he is done with me). It’s not my fault. I am not use to it. I respectly follow his instructions. It was absolutely not a good idea to add anything else. So i went back, before the yellow line. But guys, seriously, the only words that i know are “Hi” and “Thank You”. How am going to be able to respond to his questions? I was shocked and terrified. “NEXT IN THE LINE”. Oh my God. It’s my turn. I almost asked the guy behind me to take my place. Hi, he said. Hi, i replied. Welcome to the United States, with a smile. I was shocked. This guy is smiling. It must be that he knows my friend and she “hooked me up”. Thank you, i replied. Do you speak English, he said? A little, i then replied. But guys, i speak Englishhhhhhh. “Enjoy your stay”. “NEXT IN THE LINE”. Seriously, that’s all. No, there is certainly someone else waiting at a corner whose going to give me the hard time that everybody warn you when you come to the United States. I asked if there were any other police officer because it ws so easy. The guy was so nice and professional. he realized that everything was perfect and he didn’t need to wast his time talking too much or asking other questions. That’s something that i respect about United States. They never make things complicated. It seems like the whole system is based on how to make things more easy and simple. Sometimes, they really make it com-pli-ca-ted. For example, why is it that both the 1 cents and the 5 cents are larger than the 10 cents? No, for real. I need your comments on this, guys. I will create a petition on Facebook so the President, the Congress and the Senate will debate on that one. It has to be a national problem. Seriously? Come on people.

Now, it’s time to get the luggages. This is something i will never understand too. This is not a national problem, but an international “craziness”. Listen up people. Have you ever been waiting for your luggage and there are some people running from one side to an other side to have a good position to catch their luggage. I mean!!! For what? Maybe, if you read this post and always do the same, you can help me understand. Because, as far as i remember, i wait at the first point of the machine that i reach.

Ok, so i get the luggage and i felt a high need to call the family before i leave the airport. My roaming was not working. I stopped at a shop inside the airport to buy a sim card to be able to make calls. If you have ever been at Dulles international Airport, you must know where is located the Starbucks. So, there, close to the Starbucks coffee, i bought the most expensive sim card i have ever seen in my life. Cost? 100 dollars with 50 dollars of credit. Yes, one hundred dollars for a sim card. The guy certainly realized that i was in need and didn’t know any English, he then pushed the price. But, i have learned a lesson from that. He taught me to well prepare my next trip to China. Because, in China, it will be a whole different story. Ask Steve jobs who found out a few days ago that there were real fake apple stores.

Today, there is no regret. At least, i have a better English. At least i know that here, people love cheese-cake ( i am sorry, but i just can’t stand the cheese in the cake or the cake in the cheese.). At least, i was here, when Michelle was 44 years old when Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States. At least, i know that i better have in my menu some Mac and cheese if i receive guests who happen to be American. At least, i know how to make my own caramel machiatto and that here, more and more people would prefere a “soy” milk with a little bit of “foam” in their “Grande” “Chai tea latte”. Wow. I love America.

But the best thing that will always amaze me is the first Amendment. It gives you, once in this country, more “civil rights” than you can expect even from your own country. Respect. America!

We have all heard about China. It is one of the world most powerful country. Yet, we are always surprised when we read some stories. This one below, blows my face. A real-fake Apple store discovered. Two days after, disappeared from the surface of the earth. Like it never has been there.
Very interesting.
The question that i am asking is if the products were real or real-fake. If they were real, who is behind? If they are real-fake, who the heck is behind? Steve Jobs, mania of the world most loved gadgets, has a long way to go. You can be good at what you are doing. But hey, don’t play with China and Chinese. They will beat you up. No matter how strong you are. If you want a proof, go to Africa and see how the market is full of products from China. You will see them at every corner of every street of every quarter of every city of every country.
So now what? We call it Globalisation. Free market. Yet, we are not done with them.
Let’s come back to this story. Nice blog. Enjoy!
PS: The whole story can be fake. Watch out!

Are you listening, Steve Jobs? To address the main issue that people have been getting all bent out of shape about: the stores I photographed do not appear to be authorized Apple sellers. The list of resellers in Kunming that Apple’s website has published does not include the locations that I photographed. An employee at the main store photographed has confirmed that it is not an authorized reseller. Apple itself has confirmed that it is a fake. I will not be publishing on thi … Read More

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