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We have all heard about China. It is one of the world most powerful country. Yet, we are always surprised when we read some stories. This one below, blows my face. A real-fake Apple store discovered. Two days after, disappeared from the surface of the earth. Like it never has been there.
Very interesting.
The question that i am asking is if the products were real or real-fake. If they were real, who is behind? If they are real-fake, who the heck is behind? Steve Jobs, mania of the world most loved gadgets, has a long way to go. You can be good at what you are doing. But hey, don’t play with China and Chinese. They will beat you up. No matter how strong you are. If you want a proof, go to Africa and see how the market is full of products from China. You will see them at every corner of every street of every quarter of every city of every country.
So now what? We call it Globalisation. Free market. Yet, we are not done with them.
Let’s come back to this story. Nice blog. Enjoy!
PS: The whole story can be fake. Watch out!

Are you listening, Steve Jobs? To address the main issue that people have been getting all bent out of shape about: the stores I photographed do not appear to be authorized Apple sellers. The list of resellers in Kunming that Apple’s website has published does not include the locations that I photographed. An employee at the main store photographed has confirmed that it is not an authorized reseller. Apple itself has confirmed that it is a fake. I will not be publishing on thi … Read More

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